Free Bible Course

Free Bible Course

Our website, with its various articles, is imparting many profound biblical truths. For the first time, many people are learning the bible in a systematic and easy to understand way. Another great new study aid is our Bible course. This free course is designed for those who would like to delve deeper into our biblical doctrines.

The Bible course consists of 20 lessons. We will send you 5 lessons and a questionnaire in each mailing. Once you have studied these 5 lessons, you will complete the questionnaire and mail it back to us. We will then mail you another set of material.

Sign up for the course by entering your information below. You can also choose to complete the course online (instead of through the mail). If you want to do the online version, click the appropriate link below.

After you have successfully completed all the course material, we will award you a beautiful certificate of completion. Below is a list of the first five lessons.

Lesson 1 The Hebrew Scriptures
Lesson 2 The Hebrew God
Lesson 3 The Creation
Lesson 4 The People of God
Lesson 5 The Law of God