The Remnant of Judah does not charge fees for any of its services. We do not sell any of our literature, and we do not have cover charges to any of our events. During our events, we serve refreshment to our guests free of charge.

The Remnant of Judah survives on the freewill offerings of its members and supporters. Please help us to continue the activities of this ministry by sending us your offerings, and other donations. All your offerings and donations are tax deductible. We will mail a tax deductible receipt for every donation you make to us.

You can donate through your PayPal account, or by using your credit or debit card. You may also send money orders or personal checks to our address below. To donate online, please click the donate button below.


If you prefer to donate with a money order or check, please mail to our address below.
Include your name and address so that we can mail you a tax deductible receipt.

The Remnant of Judah
P.O. Box 481290
Charlotte, NC 28269

Please Note: According to the Bible, the giving of offerings and donations is an act of worship. Offerings and donations given to The Remnant of Judah are non-refundable.